Believing in yourself starts early. That’s why thousands of parents throughout Australia have turned to Rhee Taekwondo to give their child the head start they need to prepare them for whatever life throws their way.

Safety is a priority in all our classes and training is structured to be fun, inspirational and informative so we can get the best results out of your child. Rhee Taekwondo is progressive so as well as a strong focus on traditional values and self-defence techniques modern training methods have been adapted to maximize performance.


Ages 6 to 85 

We invite you to come and have an absolutely no obligation free trail at any of our classes and see for yourself the benefits you can get from learning to defend yourself. 




Many adults go to great lengths to provide for their families but forget all about themselves. 


While we understand it’s important to pay the bills and put food on the table, don’t you deserve a couple hours to yourself each week?

A wise person once said “If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done!”

Anyone wanting to get rid of some stress, improve their health, shed a couple of kilos, achieve something for themselves, increase their confidence or just to try something different should join an exciting martial art like Rhee Taekwondo.


For many parents there are major concerns about the influences in their teenage child’s life. Who they hang around, who’s inspiring them and what do they get up to when they’re with their peers?

Rhee Taekwondo helps teens and young adults find their own identity. We provide them with a motivating and inspirational atmosphere in which they learn to become leaders instead of followers. They are given the opportunity to think for themselves and develop more Courage, Confidence, Self Respect and Humility which in turn allows them to make educated decisions instead of just “doing what everyone else does”.


Are you looking for a way to get fit & spend more time with your kids. Rhee Taekwondo is a Martial Art that is suitable for all family members aged 6 to 85 and is a safe and enjoyable way to spend time together. 

Generally classes are conducted as mixed classes with all ages, sizes and male and female. This system is used to enhance the diversity of the training and improve all members understanding of how the techniques are better implemented and adjusted depending on the potential attacker. This structure also allows a strong foundation of support for all members.

You don’t need fitness, you don’t need coordination, you don’t need athletic ability. All you need is to give it an honest go and we’ll help you develop your full potential and improve your quality of life as you start your journey to black belt and beyond.

Rhee Taekwondo teaches controlled technique. It is regarded as one of the most dynamic and effective arts of self-defence and so during training, all techniques delivered by all parts of the body are properly executed and well controlled. This means that there is no injury as a result of uncontrolled blows during training, but you will learn how to deliver full-powered blows in defence of yourself and your family.

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