Approximately 1300 years ago, during the Silla Dynasty in Korea, an ancient form of unarmed combat – known in those days as Tae-Kyon – evolved.

The ancient Art of Tae-Kyon is now widely dispersed throughout the world and known as various forms of Taekwondo.

The definition of RHEE TAEKWONDO involves dynamic techniques of unarmed combat for self-defensive purposes, combining the skilled application of powerful punches, flying kicks, blocks, dodges and interceptions. The Rhee Taekwondo practitioner uses well-trained hands, arms and feet to effect the rapid destruction of any attacker.

Rhee Taekwondo is most assuredly a dynamic and extremely effective Martial Art – more valid in the violent times in which we live than ever before.

But the Art reaches much further than mere combat effectiveness.

The discipline, mental training and varied techniques of Rhee Taekwondo also provide the grounds for engendering in the practitioner a strong sense of humility and resolve.

It is this vital mental conditioning that separates the true practitioner from one who has mastered only the physical aspects of the art.

Expertly taught by qualified instructors, regular practice of Rhee Taekwondo ensures limitless benefits for a fulfilling Way of Life.

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